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The Free Will of The Elect


Aug 13, 2021
The Free Will of The ElectThe Free Will of The Elect
Get the PodBean App on your cell phone and you can listen while driving in your car to 2 to 3 new prophetic messages given every week with two chapters that comfirm each other by the casting of lot before the LORD. Go into your PodBean app and in the search bar at the bottom type in “loverealized” and that should be sufficient to bring up “Expressions of Ultimate Love Realized.” Thereafter they come up automatically as soon as they are published on your cell phone where text messages appear.

More Detailed Introduction Video
For Those That Are New


Prophetic Message on
Matthew 24 and Romans 9
Video Length: 56:08
Introduction: 0 to 04:55
Worship Song: 04:55 to 9:24
Message: 9:24 to 56:08 (46:44)


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