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1 JOHN 3:

Preached as the Oracles
of God on 09.11.2013 ( 1′ 28.43″ )

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September 7, 2013 Saturday
Luke 21:
We are to take heed to the greatness of deception in the last days from people claiming to be of God and claiming to be the Messiah. (vs 8) We should expect betrayal from the world, families and friends as a sign of the last days. We should not fear the foreboding signs of war in the very shaking of the cosmos. Rather these signs should bring us into great expectancy with watching and prayer for the return of Jesus Christ. It is very important that we guard our heart from being over-saturated with the busyness and cares of this life and all the natural desires and delights of fulfillment. The answer is to be constantly in prayer with a heart that is watchful so that we escape all these things and stand before Jesus Christ in love and acceptance. Let us be like the widow who had her full identity in God by casting all the money she had into the offering.

September 9, 2013 Monday
1st John 3:
1. It is as we grow into seeing God the Father as He is that we are transformed to be like the Father so the we become fully in the likeness of God as mature Sons or children of God. 1-3
2. Sin is the transgression of the law which is the transgression of the word of God which is the transgression of the very expression of the being of God who is the son of God. Sin is committed out of the failure to continue in a state of heart to perceive and know God. When people commit sin or are in bondage to the practice of sin it is because they do not perceive God as their life source by being held in a state of self grasping fear and pride towards themselves as if they were the source that could be independent from the Creator. This was the root of the original sin that began in Lucifer. Those that are born of God do not practice committing sin because they are restored to the genuine fear of God which births a new nature that transcends the old nature in its self grasping deception of independence from the source of genuine fulfillment of life. 4-10
Def: seen (vs6) means to perceive, to discern clearly. G3708 ὁράω horao (hor-ah’-o) v.
1. (properly) to stare at
2. (by implication) to discern clearly (physically or mentally)
3. (by extension) to attend to
4. (by Hebraism) to experience
5. (passively) to appear
[a primary word] KJV: behold, perceive, see, take heed
3. Cain hated Abel because he could not stand being exposed as wrong because that would break the self worshiping and grasping state of pride that holds one in a destructive state of being that is contrary to the genuine love of God that devours all that is destructive in his holiness of love. 11-13
4. We can know that we are of the truth and have assurance and confidence before God because of this when we know that we have God’s love in our hearts out of the perception of his great love to us through his mercy that is revealed out of the fear of God. We have this assurance because it is evident in that we hold no unrighteous hate and show love to our brothers by our life and deeds. 14-19
5. It is out of this wonderful love relationship with God and with others through loving others as God loved us that we find a confidence before God that does not allow grounds for condemnation and as a result gives assurance that our prayers will be answered. vs. 20-22
6. We are to believe with our heart in full persuasion of conviction in the very being of God who is love in its purity of holiness that therein is transcendent with mercy and love through perfect atoning sacrifice. We are also to love one another as Christ loved us. It is then that we are keeping the commandments of God and we also experience God’s Spirit abiding in us which confirms that God is abiding us. 23-24

September 10, 2013 Tuesday
Isaiah 11:
1. The Spirit of God brings life that has discernment like unto smell and perception and this comes in the fear of the LORD which choses to rightly perceive God and thereby enters into revelation by the rending of the heart. As a result judgment is made that is not by mere outward appearance but by what is seen hidden in the motives of the heart. Knowledge is the knowledge that ascertains by seeing and that changes ones treatment and behavior of God and His creation. God will slay the wicked with the Sword of His Spirit that comes out of His mouth in the word of the LORD 1-9
2. Envy with depart from among God’s people and the Messiah will have a symbol that all people will use which is the cross. There will be glorious rest in those that know relationship with the Messiah through the cross and this will bring peace among all nations. 10-16
Def: quick understanding: H7306 רוַּח ruwach (roo’-akh) v.
1. (properly) to blow, i.e. breathe
2. (literally, only) to smell
3. (by implication) perceive
4. (figuratively) to anticipate, enjoy
[a primitive root] KJV: accept, smell, X touch, make of quick understanding.
Def: knowledge: H1847 דַּעַת da`ath (dah’-ath) n-e. Knowledge [from H3045] KJV: cunning, (ig-)norantly, know(-ledge), (un-)awares (wittingly).
Root(s): H3045 H3045 יָדַע yada` (yaw-dah’) v.
1. to know
2. (properly) to ascertain by seeing
3. used in a great variety of senses
4. figuratively, literally, euphemistically and inferentially (including observation, care, recognition
5. and causatively, instruction, designation, punishment, etc.)
Def: ensign: H5251 נֵס nec (nace) n-m.
1. a flag
2. (also) a sail
3. (by implication) a flagstaff
4. (generally) a signal
5. (figuratively) a token
[from H5264]
KJV: banner, pole, sail, (en-)sign, standard.

August 14, 2013 Saturday (Day of atonement-Yom Kippur)
John 19: God in Christ gave up all his power is the King of the universe to humble himself more than us mere creatures and suffer more than us mere creatures so that upon our repentance we could receive God’s forgiveness and become part of his corporate bride. May we look on him whom we have pierced with our sins by allowing our spirit to gaze upon this great love of God crystallized in the atoning work of Christ so that it pierces the veil of our heart to see the beauty and glory of God’s great love that will cause great adulation of thankfulness.

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