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Establishing the Beach Head To Save The Nations

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Preached as the Oracles
of God on 12.01.2013 ( 1′ 13.56″ )

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Rough Notes:

November 25, 2013 Monday
2nd Chronicles 7:

When there is reverence and humility with pureness of heart before God and each other and then a unity and worship this brings the glory of God down with the effect of establishing his name and his workings of glory in the midst. This is the secret to overcoming the spirit of compromise and adultery because it is based on facilitating a deep abiding into the very being of God by its exercise of humility, purity from sin, and hunger to seek God. It will also result in God’s visitation with the clear speaking of his word for direction.

November 26, 2013 Tuesday
Isaiah 58:

The fast of the Lord is a denial of self to do our own self initiations for pleasure and fulfillment such as in feeding the poor and undoing the strongholds of wickedness in people’s lives and letting those that are oppressed go free. It need not be a fast of denying food but of all presumptuous self initiation which is the root of denying idolatry and of keeping the Sabbath. It is that we enter into an intimate relationship of genuinely loving God where our heart is sensitive out of reverence and love to hear and obey his voice with desire to please the Lord.

November 27, 2013 Wednesday
1st John 1:

The evidence that we walk in the light as he is in the light among each other as believers is that we are having a genuine good intimate communion with each other out of our communion with God. Genuine fellowship from God is filled with life that is animated with joy and love and the many other fruits of the Spirit. The source of this life is in the light which contains no impurity of destructiveness which is the source of darkness. The source of light is the love of God in an ultimate perfection of integrity that negatively will judge all that is the slightest contrary to God’s love and positively can be transcendent with the power to show mercy and forgiveness and grace. This is because God in his expression of light to his creation in his son Jesus Christ reveals that he has the moral power to be and to have become a perfect atoning sacrifice for our sins. It is this ultimate negative and positive in the ultimate reality of who is God that releases light and the flow of life in creation with ultimate destiny and purpose. If we say that we have never sinned we have closed ourselves to the light and have not yet come to the light that exposes the darkness of death in us. If we refuse to acknowledge our sins we cannot confess our sins or be cleansed from them and we are denying God’s word which reveals that God is our life source.

November 28, 2013 Thursday
Psalms 140:
The wicked purpose to overthrow are going and are filled with violence but God is the strength of our salvation and covers are head in the day of battle.

Deuteronomy 19:
Those that rise up to falsely accuse their neighbor to do them harm will be exposed when brought before the church that operates in the priestly ministry of Christ.

November 30, 2013 Saturday
Galatians 3:

We received the Spirit of God not by focusing on the law to feed our own self effort to please God but by the receptive hearing of persuasion of God’s Word that reveals the very being of God in holiness and mercy that assures forgiveness and ultimate destiny. The just live by faith in the perfection of God’s being of love in holiness that is transcendent in mercy through the atoning work of Christ to assure forgiveness. It is out of this relationship that they fulfill the law although those that obey the law out of their own self effort can still experience temporal blessings. Even without the law there is still the law of conscience which also acts as a training schoolmaster to corner us into a focus on the perfection of God’s being in mercy and forgiveness rather than our own self glory through self effort.


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