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This is not towards a non-profit organization but towards basic needs that will allow me to spend more time and energy towards this ministry and establishing assemblies of believers that will reap the final harvest by coming forth as God’s corporate bride in full pure holiness and love.

In appreciation for your contribution I provide here links towards HD videos I created which consist of 5 and one half hours of HD video in ten sections on how the most effective recent youth restoring breakthroughs against aging and almost all diseases.   People need to pay to watch videos 3 to 10. You can watch them for free. For videos 2 and 3 use password 5wel7l8*. For videos 4 to 10 use password en5t7er8.  Go to https://helpsheal.com to watch these videos. I also have an evangelistic site at https://ultimatemeaning.com which is a very effective site to present the gospel with extensive answers to hard questions. I have been working for a few years on a very indepth book with the underlying theme on the fear of God and another book soon to come out is an extensive outline of all the details of having a local assembly that will not limit the fulness of the Headship of Jesus Christ over the assembly. This book is a stradegy to be in alignment with God’s ultimate purpose which is to bring forth the bride of Jesus Christ to be pure and spotlesss and thus ready for His coming and to conquer your nations and the nations to be a large nations of light within a nation in darkness.

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