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Messengers Exposed in Error

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Over the years, leaders within the counterfeit-Charismatic camp have declared war on the essential doctrines of the Christian faith, and have convinced their followers to believe that,

— man is a “god” or “God” or “Jesus”.
— Jesus took on the nature of Satan and was born again in hell.
— there are nine persons in the Trinity.
— Jesus died on the cross for physical healing.
— Christians do not have the sin nature, and therefore do not sin.
— Jesus gave up or lost His divinity at the incarnation.
— God is not in complete control of His creation, and is not sovereign.
— those who speak negative words against “God’s anointed” are unsaved agents of Satan who hate Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
— the gospel “package” includes signs and wonders.
— the gospel can’t be fully preached unless it includes signs and wonders.

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