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The Qualities Of The Soon Coming Corporate Marriage to God

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SONG of SOLOMON 8: and LUKE 17:

Preached as the Oracles
of God on January 5, 2014 ( 1′ 36.38″ )

Good Introduction up to 21:15
Message on Song of Solomon 8 starts at 23:54
Message continues with Luke 17  at 1:20.00


December 22, 2013 Monday
Psalms 23:
When we are truly walking in the knowledge of God as our shepherd there is no grasping of want or consciousness of lack or failure. There is no need for fear of evil even when this may involve the dangers of our physical death in our immediate circumstances because we are very conscious that God is with us with his authority and presence. In fact God prepares the evidence of his blessing before us in the presence of our enemies with the emanation of his anointing upon us and flowing out of us. We can be confident of our destiny is assured with God’s goodness and mercy and the very high privilege to dwell in the house of the Lord forever in his very presence.

December 25, 2013 Wednesday
Acts 1:
Lord instructed the disciples to wait until they were endued with power from on high but did not tell them how many days it would be within but rather that it would not be a large number of days. Likewise at Mount Sinai Moses did not tell the children of Israel in how many days he would come back. Israel responded with their own self initiations which lead to idolatry. By the disciples waiting on the Lord and laying down their own self initiations they were brought into a place of maximum receptivity by coming into oneness with the Lord and with each other. It is then the Lord visited them with the fire of his Holy Spirit. May we continue to enter into the same visitations of God individually and corporately by learning to wait on him and enter that full receptivity of heart that brings the oneness with God and each other that releases his visitation.

December 26, 2013 Thursday
Mark 16:
When there are credible witnesses in regards to the truth as that relates or points to the ultimate truth of the gospel, to not believe such evidence and witness reveals hardness of heart and unbelief that God strongly rebukes and hates. We are called to preach the gospel everywhere.

The speaking in tongues was understood before the day of Pentecost as indicated by Christ described tongues is one of the signs those that are true believers and followers of Christ.

December 28, 2013 Saturday
Galatians 2:
God’s favor, acceptance, and righteousness in our lives does not come by trusting in our self to perform the keeping of the law or any other standards or rules, but rather out of our faith that is birthed and grows through choosing to rightly recognize or fear God which is by perceiving and receiving God’s very being of love revealed in holiness and mercy towards us through Jesus Christ and his atoning work on the cross. To trust in our mere diligence and performance hinders God’s grace towards us because trusting in self feeds glory and worth and worship to self which is a deceptive state of pride that is the opposite of the nature of God. This repels the grace of God which is given to the humble.

December 30, 2013 Monday
Acts 26:
God has called us to open the spiritual eyes of the lost and to turn them from darkness to light and from the power Satan unto God so that they can receive forgiveness of sins and also inheritance among all those that have been purified through genuine faith that is only possible in what is ultimately trustworthy which is only in God revealed in an ultimate perfection of love which is only in His Full Expression Who is Jesus Christ.

December 31, 2013 Tuesday
Song of Solomon 8:
1. Those that truly love God as the bride church individually and corporately have great longing to know intimate fellowship with God so much so that they do not care if their passion for God is despised by their friends and those that are highly looked up to. They imagine the time when they will experience the full visitation of God’s intimacy and embrace in the marriage supper of the Lamb. They recognize the danger of their own self initiated zeal that would also be influenced by others to be filled with activity that they believe would influence this visitation of God in marriage to come sooner. 1-4
2. The love relationship for marriage with God individually and corporately matures by coming through the wilderness of trials and recognizes God’s hand through it all on one’s life even from the time of physical conception. The maturing of this love relationship with God brings forth a fiery love for God that cannot be quenched by the floods of trials and cares in this world. Commitment of love is on to death if need be, and there is a cry for that commitment of love to be sealed upon the heart and outwardly. When there is this commitment of love that is totally dead to the world and the things of this life, indeed God sees the cry for that seal and answers it by putting his seal upon the heart and outwardly. 5-7
3. Such love is not merely individual in relationship with God, but also seeks to be one with those that are weak and to cover their weaknesses and build them up with the love of God. This brings great favor towards the corporate bride and in us individually in the eyes of God. It also sees the harvest of souls and views the multitudes ( Baalhamon means Lord of the multitude ) with diligence to help them become fruitful in the saving knowledge of God. It gives all labor and effort on to bringing forth the Vineyard they have been placed in as an offering on to God with resources only to sustain them and their servants in the vineyard. 8-12
4. The bridegroom of God dwells in the gardens of his creation where those that love him labor in to bring forth fruit on to the glory of God and these hear and hearken unto the voice of God. The corporate bride and us individually in that corporate bride that are totally in love with Christ, look with great anticipation for his return always praying with longing to hear the voice of the bridegroom speaking to them. This is with desire to do his bidding in preparation for his return in the marriage supper of the Lamb. 13-14

January 1, 2014 Wednesday
Nehemiah 12:
Isaiah 25:
There will be strong and fearful nations that will come to fear God and glorify Him when they see the destruction of the world system and those evil people in control over the world that terrified them. Christ will return on the mount of olives and death and deception will be conquered over all nations. The bride that has waited for the LORD will experience marriage to him with great joy in which also all nations of the world will participate. There will be destruction and judgment to all those that have opposed Jesus Christ. Their false gods and god issues from not perceiving God as their Father – that is as their life source but rather trusting in their own independence and works in the guise of submission to god. Moab means from father, what father?
January 3, 2014 Friday
Luke 4:
1. We are not to allow the influences of the devil through any person or suggestive thoughts to influence us to any response to verify or prove our spiritual authority of the Sonship. 1-13
2. A prophet of God is not accepted in his own surroundings of friends where he was raised from childhood and is yielded to God to speak the truth at the cost of their rejection and rejection of many others such as the self-righteous. A prophet is sent to speak the truth of God’s word to God’s people to break their identity of self worship and pride in their own righteousness and in one another.14-30
3. A prophet speaks the good news of the gospel with power that also casts out with commanding words of authority demons and sickness from people. 31-44

January 4, 2014 Saturday 40 minutes
Luke 17:
1. Genuine one faith is a genuine conviction of persuasion out of a right trust in God that moves one to do those things which are in conformity to God the ultimate and only true source of trustworthiness. Christ said if your brother offends you that if they genuinely repent you are to forgive them even if this happens many times. In response to the statement the disciples recognized that their faith needed to grow in order to fulfill this right response of mercy to others in forgiveness with forbearance that would result in the transformation of those requiring the mercy. 1-6
2. Christ points out that it is not the amount or size of faith but the quality of faith that brings real results in the lives of others as well as any other strongholds or mountains of resistance such as the need for the mountain of unforgiveness to be one for all uprooted and buried in the sea of God’ forgiveness. This faith is full of life like a mustard seed that can even sprout with God’s life in the most adverse circumstances and is also very small in the sense that out of the fear of God there is total humility so that nothing is puffed up and that faith is totally real. Vs 7
3. The 1st example Christ gives of what this mustard seed faith that is totally real and not puffed up is like is seen in its complete reverence and thankfulness to God that acknowledges that it does not deserve anything even when we have totally poured out our life in service to God. 8-10
4. The 2nd illustration Christ gives of the faith that can bring wholeness to those we pray for and to our own lives is in the total thankfulness of heart that seeks to glorify God with thankfulness far beyond the mere religious practice and rituals of worship. 11-19
5. Faith is then revealed in its quality in our being in relation to its consummate purpose of entering heaven as part of the corporate body of his bride. This faith is not attached to the cares and busyness of temporal things but sacrifices those things to enter into a genuine attraction and union of fellowship with God. It does not put identity in temporal things to preserve its life and does not even dwell on them but is completely focused on relationship with God. Just before Christ returns for his bride there will be a polarization between those totally given to the temporal securities and pleasures and those not attached to them. This is illustrated in the attraction of Eagles to the body of a dead carcass. Faith God is looking for is fully attracted to heaven not this world. 19-37


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