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The Secret of Victory Over Fear, Corruption and Death

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Preached as the Oracles
of God on 10.13.2013 ( 1′ 25.51″ )

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September 30, 2013 Monday
Exodus 32:
In our walk with God we may desire God’s visitation and clear direction and when this does not happen for a long time we may be tempted to self initiate our own direction with something we find more tangible. It is therefore very important that we wait on God for the time of his visitation instead of seeking our own ways which can lead to idolatry. The children of Israel already heard God as the sound of the trumpet cry out not to have any other gods before God and yet they ignored the truth and therein corrupted themselves against the truth. They justified their own self-deceptive projection of the way they wanted God to be that would fit the self comfort and self grasping fears of their own independent plans. This is idolatry which is covetousness.

October 1, 2013 Tuesday
Revelation 8:
It is God’s mercy that judgments were sent upon the earth in order that as many as possible might repent and be saved otherwise there would be utter destruction and none would be saved. God almost destroyed the children of Israel at mount Sinai for their idolatry but through the intercession of Moses allowed judgment upon them to bring them to repentance.

October 2, 2013 Wednesday
Hosea 13:
Israel fell into sin when they were filled with the abundance of temporal blessings so that these things became the focus of their heart and formed a shell of hardness from God. This shell formed because they lost the fear of God which breaks up the hardness of the heart. When God brings you to the place of travail it should be by entering by choice into the fear of God. When there is the failure to fear God then it will be by God’s judgment and it is important in that case to be quick to let God’s judgment birth you out of the womb of self deception or God’s purpose of judgment will fail and require a greater judgment that could lead to certian eternal judgment in hell.

October 7, 2013 Monday
Ephesians 5:
It is out of love in its purity of holiness in its transcendence out of holiness in grace that there is the emanation of light just as there is the negative and positive contact in electricity that brings light and life. We can make the choice to awaken out of those things that are contrary to the pure love of God which carry the emptiness of darkness and its destructiveness in death. The love of God carries the light with no darkness which is filled with everlasting and ever enlarging ultimate meaning and purpose. This is shadowed in the marriage of a husband and wife which reflects this ultimate purpose of the marriage of God with his corporate bride in Christ.

October 8, 2013 Tuesday
Philippians 3:
That concision are those that cause division that is destructive by abusive of God’s word out of their own self-righteousness. The circumcision are those that have their hearts circumcised by receiving the very being of God in holiness and mercy so that they know their focus in fellowship is only God. Their focus and prize is in the full fellowship that ended with Christ to be triumphant over all the temporal securities and comforts of this world.

October 9, 2013 Wednesday
Genesis 23:
Sarah: a princess
Kirjatharba: city of four
Hebron: one who has crossed, communion
Canaan: a trafficker
Heth: terror
Ephron: he of dust
son of Zohar: whitening
Machpelah: doubling, he brought low the set apart
Mamre: causing fatness

Sarah was a princess and so also was Abraham a Prince with God because they were established on the four foundations (Kirjatharba) revealed in the four seraphim of a lion speaking of authority with God, of a calf speaking of faithfulness with God, of a human being speaking of not denying our humanity, and of an Eagle speaking of singular pure vision that can see God and be directed by God. They had communion with God (Hebron) and were dead to this world and as it were had already crossed over (Hebron) into heavenly places with God. Abraham had learned to conquer the terror (Heth) of losing those most precious in his son Isaac but now he was losing one even more precious which was his dear wife. Yes even though he was already purified he was brought low (Machpelah) but this brought him into even greater purification (Ephron) and birthed even greater spiritual fatness (Mamre). Now he could experience the blessing of seeking a bride for his son Isaac which is in the next chapter, Genesis 25.

October 10, 2013 Thursday
Hosea 7: When people have pride it testifies to their face because it jades their judgments with obvious consequences of destruction upon themselves. There needs to be a cry to God from the heart but the proud will still howl before God but not with a true cry from the heart. People can even display a seeming repentance and return to God but in fact they are not doing so in their heart.


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