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Conquering the Self Fear Destructive Systems and Principles of the World

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Preached as the Oracles
of God on 09.04.2013 ( 1′ 20.58″ )

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August 27, 2013 Tuesday
Deuteronomy 15:
At the end of every 7 years we are to release those that are members of the body of Christ that owed us money so that they do not have to pay back what they owed us. There will be always those that are poor in the body of Christ and we are to open our hand wide on to them out of the good and willing heart to meet their needs. This will bring very great blessings from God in our life as individuals and corporately when we practice this.

August 28, 2013 Wednesday
Revelation 17: It is out of Rome that the early church when it was still pure spread throughout the known world. It then married with hedonistic practices so that Christianity became popular and also married with the state to be endorsed by the government and as a result became a whore that persecuted the remnant. Out of this was birthed a remnant of pure Christianity in the New World but again there was the same devolution from democracy that was pure to a democracy that is filled with immorality and blasphemy. The beast systems of the world will hate this democratic system because due to its immorality so they will plan an attack that will totally destroy the democracies of the world. This destruction will follow the rise of the antichrist to power and the rebuilding of the world system of commerce. This time God intervenes and totally destroys this corrupt system under the antichrist.

August 29, 2013 Thursday
Psalms 27:
1. When we face those that would seek to destroy us or any trial of opposition in our life if we know a relationship with God where we perceive and experience him as our light, deliverance, and source of strength it is then there is no ground for fear. To walk in this fearlessness in God comes out of a pure motive of hunger to love God out of the perception of the beauty of his character and to delight in being in the presence of God in his very temple or dwelling of glory. This brings God’s presence around us to cover us and shields us from all harm and evil so that we offer sacrifices of thankful joy and songs of praise to the Lord. 1-6
2. This intimate relationship with God seeks the pleasure of God’s countenance out of the awareness of the holiness of God’s being of love that can be moved with anger against the slightest that is sin against his being. It does not find its identity in the acceptance of man but in the acceptance of God and seeks clarity of direction and of God’s ways that will put to silence the blasphemy of the enemies of God. There is one strong driving motive and that is to bring forth and bring down the glory of God in our present world and surroundings. This involves learning to be in awe of God so that we hold back our own tendencies of self initiation by being still in God’s presence which is how we wait on God. 7-14

August 31, 2013 Saturday
1. There are those that can creep into the body of Christ who pretend to be godly but in fact live in ungodly life and justify their ungodliness by claiming that it is the way that God shows us grace in greater and greater measure. Their teachings negate the reality of God’s severity of judgment which is pointed out by this New Testament writer with examples from the Old Testament such as Sodom and Gomorrah. They forget that God is a consuming everlasting fire of love against all that is in the slightest contrary to the absolute purity and perfection of his love. 1-7
2. Ungodly deceivers like to come to the feasts of charity in the body of Christ. Their total lack of the fear of God is also evident in their lack of respect even when speaking against the powers of evil with triviality and disrespect. These have gone in the way of Cain, and of Balaam for reward and are like Korah that raised the rebellion against Moses. The root of this is offense and rebellion against the consequences they experience and see others experience from the holiness of God. As a result they have self worshiping delusional idolatrous projections and conceptions including that of a one true God that does not judge sin on the one hand or on the other hand is a demanding dictator against sin that cannot assure the provision of mercy and forgiveness. 8-16.
3. Believers that are truly saved have perceived the mercy of God that is birthed out of the fear of God and abide in that perception and grow in it and look for its ultimate fulfillment at the return of Jesus Christ. As a result they show compassion and mercy to reach those on a path that leads to everlasting hell but also hate for evil to the point of revealing that hatred to the lost and taking drastic action to shock them into the reality that will pull them out of their tragic eternal plight. 17-25

September 2, 2013 Monday
Isaiah 64:
the word, “waitheth” (vs. 4) means to adhere to and is from the primitive root that is akin to the meaning of entrench through the idea piercing. Let us be those that choose to pierce the comforting hard shell of our own security with the peg of our spirit to be entrenched in God above any other priorities that would form a hardness away from God. It is to these that truly love God that God will reveal by His Spirit the blessing He has prepared for them. “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” 1 Cor.2:9. It is when we have the fear of God in us that we recognize God’s anger against sin so that we can also accept God’s judgments and perceive God as our father and thus as our true life source and potter.

September 3, 2013 Tuesday
1st Timothy 1:
1. Sound doctrine is edifying and has faith that is genuine and does not feed pride which brings division through being puffed up with knowledge over issues such as false conspiracy theories, and other minor matters of contention. What God seeks and his commandments to us is that we would have love that comes out of a pure heart and from a good conscience in genuine faith. 1-11
2. God shows mercy to those that are open to the truth in their heart even though they may be veiled in their mind by believing this information to initially oppose the gospel. May we be those that always hold faith in a good conscience instead of willfully choosing to believe those lies that make one’s faith ship wrecked and sear their conscience against the truth. 12-20

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