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Conquering the Snare of Offence with Forgiveness

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Preached as the Oracles
of God on 11.17.2013 ( 1′ 28.59″ )

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November 11, 2013 Monday
1st Corinthians 8:
1. Having mere intellectual knowledge of God makes one proud, but on the other hand loving God brings the genuine heart knowledge of God and the awareness that we are nothing apart from God and our need to know God even more. 1-3
2. Those that have a genuine heart knowledge of God have the understanding of God that there is only one God who in government is known as the Father in the sense of being the source of all things and as the Son in the sense of being the full expression of the Father into creation that holds all creation together and our very own lives in eternal life and the Holy Spirit as God in omnipresence. 4-6
3. It is this genuine heart knowledge of God that takes away all consciousness of fear such as in regards to other idols or god’s that can have power and influence over us. May we therefore be aware not  to stumble the weak in faith that have not entered this full knowledge by doing things that would seem to condone anything that is idolatrous in their eyes to which they are in bondage and feeds this fear in those that would be tempted to turn back to such fears away from the knowledge of God. 7-13

November 12, 2013 Tuesday
Luke 23:
Those that fear God and trust God out of a surrendered life can know that no matter how great the contradiction, God has a plan and purpose that is far greater out of it to bring resurrection in his creative purposes so that they can prevail to breakthrough.

November 13, 2013 Wednesday
Ezekiel 3:
When God visits a person to send them as his messenger to give his message he commands us to not fear them because he has given us his authority which is released when we do not fear them because of our identity that has become strongly rooted in the heart knowledge of God. We must also be diligent to receive God’s word into our hearts and to really hear what God is saying. It is also important that we recognize the grave responsibility of warning the wicked in the righteous so that they may turn from their sin and be saved, otherwise their blood will be required at our hand. May we be those that can be entrusted as God’s messengers in these last days.

November 14, 2013 Thursday
Matthew 18:
DEF: offend –
G4624 σκανδαλίζω skandalizo (skan-dal-id’-zo) v.
1. to entrap, i.e. trip up
2. (figuratively) to stumble
3. (causitive) to entice to sin, apostasy or displeasure
[from G4625]
KJV: (make to) offend
1. Offence and entrapment onto apostasy is very contagious and therefore needs to be dealt with drastically to stop its spread into our soul personally and into the Church corporately. Those that cause offence and ensnarement are to be confronted 1st personally and then with another witness, and if they still refuse to hear be brought before the church to receive the agreed judgment that will cut off their destructive effect.1-20
2. It is the right recognition and reception of the greatness of God’s mercy to us to have  forgiven and saved us that unravels the root of offense in us and converts us into a humble loving nature like a little child. This also causes us to undo offence in others that have offended us and offend others in the direction of unrighteousness. This is because we seek to forgive them and indeed so choose to do so out of recognizing the greatness of God’s mercy to us. 1-27
3. Our showing forgiveness towards them is not a condoning of their sin but rather a sacrificial choice to suffer their wrong towards us and cancel the consequences upon the offer of our forgiveness with a motive to bring them to repentance. Their refusal of our offer of forgiveness is a rejection of the mercy of God through us that will bring the certain judgment of God upon them. Thus, if they respond to receive our forgiveness they are responding to the atoning sacrificial mercy of God to forgive which annuls the possibility of condoning their sin by our offering of forgiveness unto repentance. If they do not respond and reject our forgiveness by no repentance they face the certain judgment of God for their sin. Therefore, our offer of forgiveness does not condone their sin in either way that they respond. 27-35

November 15, 2013 Friday
2nd Chronicles 16:
When we as believers have victory in our life may we be careful not to become presumptuous and proud so as to allow presumption to lead us into decisions of independence from God when facing crisis. Such decisions have the consequences of rebuke and chastisement and also the potential of hardening our heart against God’s reproof so that we suffer great loss and even become the enemies of God’s purpose in our lives and in his creation.


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