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Receiving The Upholding of God’s Name

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Preached as the Oracles
of God on January 19, 2014 ( 1. 23. 52 )

Introduction up to 20.10
Main Message from 20.10 to 1.23.52


Monday, January 6, 2014
Revelation 14:
This chapter describes the chronology of events that will unfold in the very last days to bring in the kingdom of God. 1st we have the description of those who will be translated. Then there is the chronological order of 3 major events. The 1st is the preaching of the gospel in its fullness as the everlasting gospel that emphasizes to fear God and to worship God in spirit and in truth. Then after this there is the destruction of the free democratic systems of the world that have become corrupt and blasphemous before God with perversion and immorality that are destroyed by fire which will for the most part likely be a coordinated nuclear attack. And then after this there is the Antichrist world system that demands absolute servitude to Satan and rebellion against God through the mark of the beast and his number and image in order to buy or sell anything in the world.

January 7, 2014 Tuesday
Amos 3:
The Lord is saying the transgressions in the body of Christ are very obvious to the transgressors and yet they choose to ignore it and the consequences. It is also very clear that the Lord does not do anything until he 1st reveals it to those that are his true servants known as the prophets.

January 8, 2014 Wednesday
Daniel 6:
The unrighteous in authority seek to frame laws against the righteous in order to injustly imprison them and bring physical death to them but their devices are turned upon their own heads in even more severe judgment is the righteous lather life on the line to defy their unrighteous laws.

January 9, 2014 Thursday
Colossians 1:
1. What should cause us to rejoice with Thanksgiving and much prayer or when we find those that display a great faith in Christ Jesus and the love for all those that are have holy walk with God. We can rejoice because of the assured hope of their destiny in heaven. The gospel is the word of truth which causes people to know God’s grace and truth. This is the knowledge of God’s grace that comes out of the awareness of the integrity of God’s love that requires judgment against the slightest that is contrary but is transcendent with the power to assure mercy and forgiveness. It is out of the fear of God that we perceive the greatness of his mercy and thus of his love to show grace in assured forgiveness. 1-8
2. What we should not cease to pray for fellow members of the body of Christ is that they might be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding and live their lives out in a way that is worthy of the Lord and pleases all people by being effectual in every good work. We should pray that they are strengthened with Mike according to God’s power so that they will be able to have patience and long-suffering with joyfulness. 9-11
We should be giving thanks under the father that is made us fit to be partakers of the inheritance of those living holy lives in the light that emanates creativity and life that is ever expanding with no death. (vs 12)

January 11, 2014 Saturday
Luke 9:
1. In being sent forth to preach the gospel there was not to be any sources of material support whether of food, communication by mail, or of clothing but they were to trust God for those provisions and to preach the kingdom of God and heal the sick. 1-9
2. When we do not have the resources to meet the needs of those people that are hungry to hear the good news of the kingdom of God and the gospel we can have faith to ask God to multiply the little resources we have in order to meet those needs. 10-17
3. Each day we are to count the cost to know in our heart that we are surrendering our life even on to torture in death by choosing to boldly proclaim Jesus Christ without any shame in the choices we make each day. When we make such choices God can grant us the blessing of actually seeing the kingdom of God in its glory before we tasted death or even causes to enter translation into his presence over death. 18-27
4. It is easy when we have a powerful victory and visitation of the glory of God to begin to build our own hierarchy of people corporately in their own structure of control around that Revelation of truth. 28-36
5. After great victories in visitations of the kingdom of God God bring us into the place of humbling by presenting before us in opposition that we discover we do not have the great enough union with God to conquer. 37-42
6. Out of entering a high standing of spiritual power and authority with God we must be on guard against pride that seeks to bring all people under our umbrella of control. We do this by putting on the mind of Christ to humble ourselves and to release all those that may not want to fit into our control to do what they believe God is called them to do. 43-50
7. Our spirit must always have a heart set to seek to save even those that we believe to serve God’s wrath because they reject us in Christ whom we represent. 51-56
8. Once we put our hand to the plow to enter into full-time ministry to preach the gospel we are not to even dwell on in the slightest of those things and people that would hold us back from doing what God has called us to do. 57-62

January 13, 2014 Monday
Isaiah 63:
God’s hate against sin upholds him against compromise and corruption but also allows him to bring salvation to those who repent. There will come a time when he will take full vengeance upon the world on those who are in rebellion against Him but that also is the time when we will experience our full redemption including resurrection from physical death. Even in the midst of experiencing judgment upon our nation because of rebellion against God we can rest in the assurance that God is our father and has our best interest in mind.

January 14, 2014 Tuesday
Romans 11:
The trap of self-righteous pride comes about by not recognizing the severity and goodness of God which speaks of the holiness of God out of which issues the mercy and grace of God. It is justified in religious ritual rather than in the circumcision of the heart by the two-edged sword of God’s being of love in holiness and mercy. It is this right recognition of God that is the genuine fear of God that undoes pride by the recognition of our unworthiness apart from the mercy and grace of God. This genuine fear of God is the heart recognition of utter dependence on God as our life source. It is recognizing that no one has first given to God and therefore deserves nothing in and of themselves, but rather that all things are of God and through God and to God.

January 15, 2014 Wednesday
Joel 3:
God has foreordained the times and judgment of the nations according to the foreknowledge of their own free choices of rebellion against him. His plan is to gather the nations in rebellion against him against Israel that he might display the holiness of his judgment and glory by their utter destruction from his hand. There is a time of awakening of rebellion in the hearts of these evil nations that brings them to this place and there is a time of decision for the multitudes as to whose side they are on. This is also the time of the redemption of God’s people that even extends to the physical dimension in the cleansing of their blood from defilement and death.

January 16, 2014 Thursday
Galatians 4:
The law was not given to Israel so that by doing it they would please God but rather was to be the result of response in love to God out of an already established relationship of faith and love towards God. Conversion into the saving experiential knowledge of God came out of choosing to come to the place of recognizing and receiving the reality of God’s being of love to us. This was in recognized in the integrity of God’s love rightly bringing deserved judgment towards us even to everlasting torment that also had the power to be transcendent by perfect atoning sacrifice to assure to us mercy, forgiveness and heaven. The 1st covenant of the law allowed for one to easily focus on self initiated effort as the source by focusing on the law so that therein was the feeding and building up of self worship and glory. In brief, making the law the focus made self the focus rather than relationship with God. It is those that have relationship with God in love and faith apart from the law that do not come under the bondage of self focus glory and worship through the law. Even after being delivered from the bondage of self focus and worship through the perception of performance in order to please God it is possible to again fall into the same trap. This is by the deception of pride such as in having achieved spiritual victories in knowing God and then coming to the place of believing that as such this has somehow caused us to gain special status or merit before God and others. Out of this it is then easy to enter self-seeking initiations of presumption that feed into it even more.

January 18, 2014 Saturday
Jeremiah 14:
When God’s people individually or corporately choose to live in disobedience and sin God will visit in his time their sin with judgment that is severe. When we as individuals or corporately experience God’s judgment we should acknowledge that it is because of our iniquities and even agree with God judging us so and ask him to do it for his namesake. We should acknowledge that what God is allowing is to uphold the holiness and glory of his name. 7-9 There needs to be to clear acknowledgment of our sin before God and also in that of our forefathers as well as the act of waiting on God by spending time in humility and awe before God. 20-22


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