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Far More Than Revival Is Coming


Mar 15, 2023
Far More Than Revival Is ComingFar More Than Revival Is Coming
Far More Than Revival - A New Order

All of these prophetic messages can be found at http://loverealized.com. This video shares what God is calling the churches to become. This is far more than another revival and requires a new order in local assemblies that will not limit the fullness of the headship of Jesus Christ from inhabiting their local assemblies. It is the restitution of all things and will transcend the book of Acts. It is the only answer that will conquer their nation with the good news of the love of God and thus also save their nation from impending destruction and judgment. There is a call for churches to come together for an Esther fast of three days of fasting and prayer in each town and city across the nation and for each church to never go back to being the church the way they were. It is a call to enter the genuine fear of God and enter a life of holiness that will bring wholeness to bring a powerful baptism of love and unity with God and each other. There is total liberty for each member to fully share seeking to speak as the oracles of God in this new order and the services start as a house of prayer with everyone in prayer and in great awe of Whose presence they are In.

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