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David Thomson Rebuts Athiest, Christopher Hitchens


Dec 18, 2023
David Thomson Rebuts Atheist, Christopher HitchensDavid Thomson Rebuts Atheist, Christopher Hitchens 12.16.2023

This rebut to the atheist, Christopher Hitchens begins with a very positive message that rebuts the argument that there could be no God because of all the death suffering, and misery we see in the world. The video will also be on my site at https://ultimatemeaning.com. Various claims he makes are shown to be false to point out of love to him and all that do not believe in God that there is ultimate everlasting meaning and purpose for their lives and all people. It is far better done than the first 2 videos and shows videos with extensive evidence from many fields of science that expose the mastery of deception that the theory of evolution is.

David Thomson Rebuts Atheist, Christopher Hitchens

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