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Amazing Discoveries


Jan 1, 2024

1. MANY VIEWS ON MY YOUTUBE VIDEO IN REBUT OF FAMOUS ATHEIST, CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS. Recently I did a very bold thing. I saw a popular atheist, Christopher Hitchens, debating a Christian mathematician by the name of John Lennox. I decided to take Christopher Hitchens criticism in the debate and interject myself in response to his accusations and presumptions with my own unique response. This video is at https://youtu.be/IbbtpOB8L8M.

David Thomson Debates Atheist Christopher Hitchens

I was somewhat surprised at the result because within a day after publishing the video I had well over 800 views and now it is over 900. I ended up doing 3 videos and the last video was very effectively done as far as displaying many videos showing irrefutable evidence from many fields of science. The last video I did got almost as many views which was over 800 views and now has far more comments. This video has all the receipts of evidence going to the exact time point in the videos and includes over 30 time links below the video. You can watch this at https://youtu.be/BnhG-Ae2ozQ.

David Thomson Rebuts Atheist, Christopher Hitchens

What is amazing is that the weekly video messages I do to the churches in Canada and the USA suddenly skyrocketed to 407 views when I get only an average of 13 views. That video message is at https://youtu.be/0j_DFysFtw0 .

Waling in Son Revelation

What I failed to do is show the evidence from astronomy which is very strong for the existence of God and creation and so I will soon be doing and even more effective video message with the receipts of evidence that includes this maybe with a response to some other famous atheist.

I want to make you aware that in the past I had on my websites a link to the Stew Peter show and may have also recommended this show in past emails. I no longer have put up that link on my website nor do I recommend it. This is because I saw several conspiracy theories such as a flat earth advocated on his show and also because he continually speaks against the nation of Israel. Yes, there are some evil people in high places that are Jews but you do not throw out the baby with the bathwater and ignore all the significant prophecies of Scripture such as Ezekiel 38 and 39 that may soon come to pass in these last days. He seems to be anti-Zionist and that is totally contrary to the word of God in both the Old and New Testament.

3. Y CHROMOSOME REVEALS MAN GOES BACK 6000 YEARS AND HAS UNCOVERED THE HISTORY OF THE INDIANS IN NORTH AMERICA WHICH CAME HERE RECENTLY BETWEEN 400 AND 900 AD FROM NEAR TURKEY. There been some amazing discoveries recently which I just briefly mentioned here. You should watch the videos on what they have discovered about the Y chromosome and in males. It reveals the man only goes back 6000 years with repeatable demonstrated evidence. They now through this 7 covered the whole history of the Indian civilization and know where they came from and when they came to America. You can watch all of this in the following 2 videos at https://youtu.be/Rf5d2Jf-mZ8

Have Native Americans ALWAYS Been in America?

and https://youtu.be/JFGBqVsKxqM

Can Human Variation Fit Into 6,000 Years? with Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson | Traced: Episode 5

4. SHUNGITE IS AN AMAZING MINERAL ONLY FOUND IN RUSSIA THAT DOES WONDERS FOR YOUR HEALTH AND PROTECTS FROM EMF WAVES. I often watch Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson because she interviews so many knowledgeable and important people in the battle against oppressive tyranny and the powers of darkness. Recently there was this very interesting video was significant evidence on technology that is being implanted into our bodies without her knowledge. Here is the video at https://rumble.com/v4425pc-are-we-hackable-animals.html.

From watching this video I was led to an amazing website which also has scientific evidence backing the validity of things that can be used to turn the destructive frequency waves from our computers and 5G towers etc into frequency waves that can actually be beneficial to our health. This website is found at https://www.ftwproject.com/fix-the-world-videos/.


What the James Webb Telescope findings mean for the Big Bang with Dr  Jason Lisle

May Your Hearts All Open Fully To Receive The All Consuming Love That God Has For You!
Make Your Destiny an Abundant Entrance Into the Kingdom of God in Heaven!

David James Thomson

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